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Terms and Conditions (as of 1st January 2020)

• Booking requires no deposit; however, if you have previously cancelled a prior booking and want to reschedule, we will require a deposit in order to ensure that no expenses will be wasted in time and other bookings.


1 Torque UK is an installer of remaps and takes full liability for accidental damage to your vehicle in the process of tuning your vehicle, based on all other aspects of the vehicle’s maintenance being constant. In the highly unlikely event that damage or disturbance is caused to your vehicle's engine by a mistake in the remap software, you will be covered for the repairs to your vehicle providing it meets the following criteria:

2 We work alongside external ‘remap writers’ and the liability for any mistake in the remap software lies with them and not Torque UK.

3 We will however initiate and manage contact with third-party remap writers and mediate if necessary to help you come to a resolution for the repairs from start to finish. We may choose to cover the cost of repairs ourselves and then claim back the costs from the remap writer but this will be done at our discretion and is not guaranteed.

4 General faults and damage caused to your vehicle as a result of poor maintenance, weak/faulty parts are not covered by this indemnity. If your vehicle breaks-down after the remap is installed - and as a proven result of this - we and the remap writer will not accept any legal responsibility for this. This would come down to maintenance of the vehicle, which the owner is wholly responsible for.

5 We do not cover the liability for the following parts: turbos, injectors, clutches, gearboxes, DPF, boost leaks (boost pipes) as these have a serviceable lifetime and the remap places bigger demands on these parts, which may cause issues if they are not in good health. Stage 1+, Stage 2, Stage 3 remaps are beyond the recommended tolerances of your engine and we and the remap writer will not accept any liability for these re-maps.

6 The remap settings that we install never change; so when we complete our servicing of your vehicle it will continue to perform at the capacity it did on arrival or show improvements from our work. Once remapped, we are confident the services provided, based on the optimal remap settings, which are the most suitable for your vehicle, should produce noticeable benefits. Following our work, if an issue arises with your vehicle it will most likely be due to a mechanical fault, not a fault with the remap itself. Once the mechanical fault is fixed your vehicle should revert to its optimum performance.

• Accept if it is not possible to remap your vehicle due it being remapped previously or for any other reason, a call out fee of £50 will be charged to cover our time, fuel expenses and services provided up to that point.

• Engine Carbon cleaning will not damage your vehicle: it is a safe practice that cleans the engine. However, Torque UK do not accept any liability for your engine malfunctioning or breaking down when or after having the engine Carbon cleaned or using our fuel additives.

• In unfortunate rare circumstances, if a part of your engine was already weak but still functioning but was then cleaned and failed once unblocked, then we accept no legal responsibility to cover this. If the engine and parts are healthy and not faulty then the clean should only help them work more efficiently and it will not damage them but may highlight other defects.

• We do not offer a money back guarantee with Carbon cleans since this is not a reversible process. Depending how much carbon is in your engine this will determine how much difference you will feel from the clean.

• If a customer requests specifications from a map that are deemed unsuitable for their vehicle by our technicians and still wish to proceed with the remapping service, then Torque UK hold no responsibilities to any damage that may occur after the service has been performed onto their vehicle.


• We do not offer any type of warranty for your modified vehicle.

• Any refund given will be minus the installation charge and any fuel charges we incur.

• Any vehicle that has a fault that is exaggerated by tuning will not be given a refund.

We do NOT provide a refund where it is found the engine map installed by Torque UK has been altered or tampered with in any form or downloaded by a third party by any means following the installation of the engine map by Torque UK.

We do NOT provide a money back guarantee where the sole objective is to increase MPG from a remap, as MPG gains cannot be guaranteed.

We do NOT provide a money back guarantee due to reduced fuel economy of your vehicle as it is explained to you both before the remap and at the time of our service that all remaps increase power (regardless of whether it’s an economy, blend or power remap) and an engine will NOT produce more power safely without being programmed to use more fuel.


• We do not offer any type of warranty for your modified vehicle.

• We expect the vehicle(s) is in good, working mechanical order without error codes stored in the ECU that will affect the results of

the re-map, if we find such problems, we will advise that you book the vehicle(s) into a garage for remedial work.

• It is the customer’s responsibility that the vehicle is in correct working order without any underlying faults.

• Will retain a copy of your car’s original ECU map for your specific vehicle on our systems. Should your manufacturer or service

garage accidentally wipe your ECU remap, we will for a fee, re-install your chosen ECU remap.


Accept all power/torque gains from your ECU remap are approximate, as are the actual figures of your engine's quoted power and torque figures from your car manufacturer.

Accept the fuel efficiency of your vehicle after a remap depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: outside temperature, driving style, tire pressures, and regular and correct service maintenance of your vehicle.

Accept that Torque UK are not liable for costs associated to fix either determined or pending faults found relating to your vehicle during its diagnostic check either before or after you have your vehicle remapped.

Accept it is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of your car's ECU remap.


DISCLAIMER - Performance Warranty

By installing this Product and/or Service, you understand and agree that as a high performance product and/or service, individual results may vary depending on make, model, and usage. Torque UK shall in no way be held responsible nor liable for any of the results, claimed or otherwise, that may or may not come from the product or service.

You also agree that the original vehicle manufacturer makes its own determinations regarding the effects of Add-On products and/or service to its warranties, Torque UK shall in no way be held responsible nor liable for anything pertaining to or resulting from the original vehicle manufacturers warranty and/or terms of use.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

1) Hydrogen on Demand is a new technology, which is still in its infancy. 

2) All hydrogen cells produced/supplied by de Verde Limited, are prototypes.

3) Although good results have been achieved, no warranties can be given to the performance, as every vehicle is different.
 4) Installations are performed with the customer’s permission and at their own risk.

5) All cells are designed for 12v vehicles, running at a maximum of 7 amps and any attempt to alter the product design or specifications will void the Manufacturer’s warranty.

6) The specification of the product may change as the technology advances. Contact us for further information.

Customer Guidance for Insurance and Warranty Companies

• This hydrogen on demand system is designed to improve the efficiency of the engine to reduce emissions to near zero and improve the mpg. It is an accessory, not a permanent fixture. It connects simply and can be easily removed.

• It is not designed as a performance/race device.

• The bottom-end torque will increase to allow a smoother drive with a reduced need to change gears, resulting in increased mpg

with less revs.

• It is not nitrous oxide.

• It is an on-demand hydrogen system, which stores no gas on the vehicle.

• It makes hydrogen on demand and burns when the engine is switched on.

• When switched off there is no gas made or stored.

• The original manufacturer’s specifications, EFI and ECU is not modified or changed in any way.

• It is an enhancement system, to improve combustion, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.

• It is an approved product with CE Certification and product liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.

• Installers are either agents or freelance installers with previous electronic and mechanical experience.

• Torque UK holds a database of vehicle installation pictures and text by make and type of vehicle and these are reviewed to ensure

that the fitting is performed properly.

• The Hydrogen system must be maintained by the customer and product servicing is provided under the terms of the warranty.

• A generic risk assessment has been done for the installation and quality assurance is in place for the product manufacturing. Torque, emissions and efficiency will improve but not the power/BHP.

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